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Food conveyor manufacturers are many. But, getting the right food grade conveyor can be difficult. Conveyor systems are one of the essential systems needed in the manufacturing and food processing industry. The technology governing conveyor systems also keeps changing and hence, it is always better to know what today’s markets offer you before making a decision. Here are some tips that can help you to choose the right food grade conveyor from the food conveyor belt manufacturers in Canada.

Easy To Clean!

This is one of the first things to consider as it is a food grade conveyor. Since it carries food, it also needs to be cleaned often. Simpler designs, ease of usage, less number of moving parts and the absence of collection points for liquids can be useful. Also, the conveyor needs to have locations for self-drainage. This can help to avoid contamination of the food carried through the conveyor.

Easy To Maintain!
A food grade conveyor and conveyor belt should always be easy to maintain. The maintenance downtime and uptime can affect the cycle time to a great extent. Hence, in this case, also, a conveyor with less moving parts is preferred. The moving parts will be exposed a lot to the whole food processing. So, it is better to have food conveyors which can be maintained and used easily.

The Investment
The investment you make in a food grade conveyor does not limit to the initial cost of purchase alone. It spans all over the entire lifespan of the conveyor system. Always remember to consider the maintenance and operating costs. The stainless steel and plastic conveyors may seem to be more advantageous. But, always remember to get a food conveyor system that has very less moving parts.

The Life Span
Another point to be considered is the lifespan of the conveyor system. You will have to make a decision between stainless versus plastic. In rough environmental conditions, stainless steel will last longer than the plastic varieties. But, a conveyor system which lasts longer will also cost more. If you are planning to replace the system after some time, then plastic would be ideal. But, stainless steel has more withstanding capacity against cleaning agents and potential elements.

The Flexibility
A conveyor system which is flexible enough and adapts well according to your particular needs is the right choice in the long run. Conveyors which can be inclined or declined has bucket styles/cleats, and radius turns walks away with the brownie points. If it has belting options too, then it is an added advantage.

Safety Is Crucial
Safety is always the primary concern in a food conveyor system. The safety standards can be set high if the pinch parts and moving units are lesser. Lesser the moving parts, greater the safety!

Supplier Support!

After sales support is very important for a food conveyor system. It should be easy to get spare parts; documentation process should be easy and quick and the lead times should be short. The web presence should also be strong so that you can get support any time you need.

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The maintenance of conveyor system No ratings yet.


A conveyor system allows the quick transportation of a wide variety of heavy materials which make them an integral part in packaging and material handling industries. They are also in great demand at airports and supermarkets for transportation of luggage and for bag delivery to customers. There are many types of conveyor systems available, one should select it according to the use. Chain conveyors are used widely in automobile industries for the easy assembling of automobiles.

Tips for the maintenance of conveyor system:

Conveyor systems are used in different type of industries such as Mining, automobile, computer, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, packaging and the list goes on. Some of the uses of conveyor systems are:

  • Reduces the time and the human force required for the transportation of heavy materials.
  • It improves the overall efficiency and productivity of the industry.
    Reduces the loss due to human injury, since the hard tasks are performed by the machinery.


To increase the productivity of conveyor systems one should choose the right conveyor type, the right system design and give regular maintenance to it. To provide proper maintenance, one should recognize the main problems faced by the conveyor system, they are:

  • Poor take-up adjustment: The chain take-up system should be tight, if wear occurs on the chain the take-up will have less effect. If timely adjustments are not done on the chain it will lead to inverse effects.
  • Lubrication: For the proper working of the machine, the chain bearing has to be lubricated often. Failure of lubrication will lead to mechanical and electrical overload.
  • Contamination: Some of the major contaminants are: paint, abrasives, glass, beads, acid, alkaline etc. These contaminants lead to rapid deterioration of track and chain.
  • Product handling: The material that is transported on the conveyor should be checked before placing on the system, it should be of the correct size and weight.
  • Belt tracking: The system uses a lot of belts like sorter belts, regular inspections should be taken for the maintenance of these belts. Timing is also important as mistiming will lead to the collision of products.


The following things should be kept in mind for proper maintenance of conveyor system:

  • Maintenance technician: A proper technician should be hired, a person who knows his trade.
  • Spare parts: If any part of the machine is not working properly, replace it with a proper spare part.
  • Preventive maintenance: Regular inspection of the machine will lead to knowing the problem beforehand and solving it on time.
  • Documentation: A documentation should be maintained about the working condition of the machine so that it can be updated properly.
  • Repair wisely: While repairing the machine spare parts should not be interchanged with its cheaper version.

The conclusion:

For the proper maintenance of conveyor system these tips should be kept in mind: Regular oil-checkup, maintain correct voltage and current, adjust the chain take-up, set a regular time for lubrication and tighten the bolts and joint brackets on a regular basis. With all these tips in check, the conveyor system will go for a long run.

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