Single Elevation, Double Tier, V-Dip, Vertical Conveyors and More

Serving the Greater Toronto Area

Proudly serving businesses all across the Greater Toronto Area, Alpha Conveyor offers a wide range of conveyor systems to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss which type of conveyor will best fit the goals of your business.

Standard Features

Our conveyors are a great investment, since these productivity-increasing features come standard:

  • Reverse, forward or stop hand switch
  • Drive Unit that includes a safety cover for injury prevention
  • Dust Shield that protects your goods from dirt and debris
  • Storage Rack that is available in 2, 5 or 10 slots per foot
  • Take-Up Unit that will accommodate initial chain stretch

Additional Equipment

Make the most of your conveyor with the following accessories:

  • Control Box
  • Stop/Forward/Reverse Remote Stations
  • Automatic Retrieval Systems

Single Elevation

Say goodbye to cluttered floor spaces with our single elevation conveyors. As one of the most popular conveyor designs on the market today, this type of conveyor features a compact single rail operation system that allows you to effortlessly store items overhead.

Double Tier

With two full levels of storage, our double tier conveyors operate simultaneously allowing you to access each full level with just a flip of a switch. Ideal for storing long garments such as dresses, pants, blouses, jackets and more. This type of conveyor can be adjusted to meet the growing needs of your business.

Single-Double Tier

Get all the advantages and convenience of a double tier conveyor, plus the ability to hang extra-long fabrics such as comforters, blankets, curtains, long dresses and more. This conveyor also allows you to add or remove double tier sections based on your business needs. Each level moves simultaneously with another, offering quick movement to and from the operator.


With a standard 45 degree incline, our floor-to-ceiling conveyors will transport your goods quickly into your unused ceiling space. This allows you to install other equipment or workspaces for increased productivity.


Load and unload your conveyor from one or multiple points of contact. Our V-dip conveyors are flexible easily customized, allowing you to install them in room corners and other tight spaces. An ergonomic design allows your workspace to remain clean and uncluttered, maximizing your usable floor space.


Our vertical conveyors are ideal for tight spaces by making the most out of your ceiling. Flexible enough to accommodate angles of up to 90 degrees ascending or descending, you'll be able to move a wide variety of goods for a wide variety of applications.

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