Complete Guide on Conveyor Maintenance Services in Canada

Conveyor MaintenanceConveyors are the important equipment in a factory. If it fails to function properly, there are chances of stopping or slowing down the entire business operation. It is necessary to inspect and maintain each conveyor system in a company. The results of the inspection should be recorded and maintained on a regular basis. Routine maintenance is easy to carry to out with following the basic steps. If you have questions or doubts regarding the conveyor maintenance, you can get in touch with the top conveyor maintenance companies in Canada.

Maintenance Tips By The Leading Conveyor Belt Repair Company In Canada

Prevent environmental contamination
It is necessary to inspect the conveyor and the components for marks of trash from environmental debris. Do not function the conveyor if the contamination is present. It should be operated after a thorough cleaning and the contamination should be removed. There are chances for certain components like wear strips and chain to get contaminated by abrasive or harsh materials. After a period of time, small rough particles get embedded in plastic parts of the conveyor. It results in too much of friction between wearstrip and chain and gradually reduces the performance. Sanding, sawing, grinding, drilling and various other processes cause airborne abrasive dust that can form on a conveyor.
Some of the abrasive materials are cornmeal, crumbs, broken glass particles, medical tablet dust, sand, wood or paper dust, sugar, concrete dust, metal dust, and ceramic dust.
Common sources of contamination are overhead equipment, product spillage, product flaking, manufacturing processes, airborne delivery and construction. The majority of abrasive contaminants are possible to remove by rubbing down bottom and top sides of wear strips with a moistened cloth. You can also rub with alcohol to remove the contaminants.
Inspect Idler/Driver and Sideplates
The idler or driver is a key component in the construction of idler and drive units. The curved wear strip directs the chain all over the side plates and transfers the load when the chain moves around the sprockets.
Inspect for missing or loose fasteners in the idler and drive units.
Check the side plates for excessive wear or damage.
Inspect the idler or drive or idler wear strips called as horseshoes for improper installation or excessive wear. Make sure that the idler or drive wear strips are exactly sliced, pressed entirely on the side plates and exactly pinned.

Hire a Full-Time Technician or purchase Annual Conveyor Maintenance Services in Canada

Conveyor Maintenance servicesBy hiring experienced technicians, you can remain in peace of mind. You do not have to worry about conveyor damage or stoppage. You can also think about getting annual maintenance services packages that cover all the services. The technicians know how and when to tackle a mechanical problem. They retain the production line round the clock. They would also guide you about the pulley adjustments and training of the belts. Though you need to pay extra salary it saves you in terms of component replacement costs and reduces maintenance.
Listen and watch all the visible items
It is not expensive to take preventative maintenance measures. You do not have to purchase cost machines to diagnose the core moving parts. You just have to check the pulleys, frames, belts, etc. Technicians experienced in conveyor installation in Canada perform various small checklist and they evaluate on daily basis. They would start the operations only after doing the complete checkup of the conveyor. In some companies, the technicians do the checkup on weekly holidays. They would look for possible misalignments, fracture points, visible marks and also analyze noise that is uncommon.
Maintain cleanliness and lubrication
When the conveyor system carries items that have grounded particles or debris, it can enter the internal parts. It has chances to easily drain the bearings of end pulleys and idlers. It is essential to avoid formation of particles and debris that can cause damage to the belt.
Another important factor is the lubrication. If you are using automation systems, you do not have to worry about lubrication as it does the job on own. But, if you are using a normal system, you have to ensure that each of the components remains well lubricated.
Check the load levels
It is necessary to check the systems for loads. It should be loaded as instructed by the manufacturer.