Top Conveyor Manufacturers Explain Significance of Belt Conveyors

Conveyor belt systemConveyors play a significant role in transporting massive and heavy materials from one point to another. It is mostly used to transport materials and packages that are bulk. It is popular for its efficiency and that is the reason it has been employed in the majority of industries that handle materials. Conveyors are classified into different types. Of several types, belt conveyor is the most popular one.

What is Belt Conveyor?

A belt conveyor is also a bulk material handling device used in moving materials through a short distance. Being an efficient machine, it is commonly used all over the world especially for conveying materials. It is cost-efficient and versatile. Be it small or large, light or heavy products, the belt conveyor transports the product to the next destination you wish. In Canada, belt conveyors are used in various industries.

Uses of Belt Conveyors in Canada

Belt Conveyor SystemBelt conveyors are utilized to transport a large amount of bulk materials. The unit loads through the gently inclined or horizontal paths. Such works can be carried out in the outdoors or within the factory shed.
It is used to automate material handling processes in foundries to distribute cast articles, mould cores and moulding sand. It is used for carrying minerals, ores, and coal in power plants, metallurgical process plants and mining industries. Belt conveyors are frequently used for handling building materials and food grains.

  • The capacities of belt system vary between 500 and 5000 M3/hour and more.
  • The distance covered by a belt conveyor machine would be minimum 50 m for the indoor work to 5 Ian. for delivering raw materials from the mining area.
  • It is used for transporting various unit and bulk loads along slightly inclined or horizontal paths.
  • It is used in foundry shop, wheel excavators, power plants, ice cream plant, bakeries, and confectionaries.
  • It is used for conveying building materials, grains store, fossil materials and for supplying coal.
  • It is used in laundries, supply depots, post office, shipyards, chemical plant, ceramic, textiles, and laundries.

Advantages of Installing Belt Conveyors

  • Belt conveyors can handle a vast range of unpackaged materials that are a large lump and very fine in sizes. Portland cement is fine materials are laden at terminals with the help of belt conveyors. Coal like large lump materials is conveyed from mines with the help of belt conveyors.
  • Belt conveyors need less horsepower to function better than other kinds of conveyors. Large materials are supported above the belt and stay static. It requires less energy to transport.
  • Belt conveyors are used to reclaim or stock-pile bulk materials. Reclaim belt conveyors is positioned below the piles to transfer the materials into the processing plant.
  • It is possible to configure the belt conveyors for any application. It can be conveyed horizontally or positioned in inclined or both. It is possible to use the belt conveyor in a horizontal position for certain distance and then elevate on the inclined section and then horizontally again.
  • The main benefit of belt conveyors is noiseless operation.
  • It reduces power consumption.
  • It has long life because of its sturdy raw materials.
  • It can adapt itself to different kinds of goods.
  • It can transfer material in any route.
  • Another main advantage of belt conveyors is its high dependability of operation.

What are the services offered by the Conveyor Belt Repair Company in Canada?

Conveyor belt repairConveyor Belt Repair Company in Canada offer a wide range of services as per client requirements. Some of their services are as follows;
Conveyor system consulting and maintenance services: They provide conveyor system recommendations and surveys to enhance belt life. They also offer ultrasonic cover gauge examination of conveyor belt speediness. They provide HP tons and requirements per hour to provide belt recommendations and more. They also provide additional services like:

  • Building handrails, chutes, guards
  • Installing complete conveyor belt systems
  • Offering proper factory training for diverse constructions of the belt

Our additional services include old belt disposal and new belt installation, fabric belt and steel cable vulcanization, scraper maintenance and installation, complete downtime support, structural fabrication, and welding. The technicians are experienced in offering services like flanges and cleats installation and maintenance, chute lining maintenance and installation, mill and crusher maintenance, idler and pulley installation, structural welding and fabrication services.