Here’s How Laundry Conveyors and Hotel Industry are Inter-related

Laundry conveyorsWhen you plan a trip, be it official or leisure, you get to stay at a hotel. Usually, both during and after your stay, you might continuously review the food, the comfort of the room and more. It is natural as it is a universal trait of humans. But you might not talk about the mess that you actually make in the hotel during your stay. It is quite common that people do not even make an effort to understand about the lengths of processes that are taken up by the hoteliers to serve their guests better. One such process is the laundry and this is where the laundry monorails and conveyors play a key role.

In one room that you stay, you will use the necessary bed linen, bath towels and mats among others. Once your stay is over, the hoteliers take the pain in washing all these and get the room ready for the next guest. Imagine the laundry process that the hotels with around forty to fifty rooms. Such hotels will have to take a lot of care when it comes to washing the hand towels, towels, bedding, and other supplies.

Usually, these laundry cleaning tasks are not done on-site and sent off to sub-contracted companies. These laundry companies use the conveyor systems to handle large volumes of washing. Here we will take a look at the laundry monorail system.

Get a Brief Idea of Monorail Systems in Canada

If you don’t know about monorail systems, then you should know that it is an overhead arrangement consisting of straight rails, curves as well as switches. It is a means of transport of loads in a fixed route meant to move the goods from the pickup point to the delivery point. A laundry monorail system can operate at various elevations using lift sections, controlled slope and inclined rail sections that are powered feed units in order to control both the ascent and descent of trolleys. Many service providers use economical monorail systems for various types and sizes of laundries.

Why Choose Laundry Monorail System in Canada Over the Others

There are various types of laundry conveyor system and the laundry monorail system is one of them. There are many advantages of choosing the monorail systems over the other options. If you aren’t aware, here are the advantages of monorail systems in Canada for you.

  • Straight line routes at an elevation for faster material handling
  • Various designs to meet the user requirements
  • Designed to travel specific routes across doorways and between building floors
  • Accumulation and storage of work
  • Uniform construction for a smoother operation

Storage conveyorsBasically, overhead monorail systems can be customized for any size or type of laundry. It aims to move the linen faster and easier all through the operating cycle. As these systems are installed overhead, the floor handling of linen is reduced to a great extent resulting in reduced labor requirements. This converts to reduced power consumption and cost.

Laundry Monorail Systems in Canada are Quite Robust and Efficient

Laundry service providers deal with several clients and are prone to get huge loads of washing at the same time. To handle such scenarios, they use monorail systems in Canada for a better delivery of services. These conveyor systems are usually robust and fit in a small space as they are overhead. As the power consumption, space requirement and manpower are reduced, the laundry service providers offer a better service to the hotels at a reduced cost. This way, the hotels get the best service without shelling out a lot of money.

Having got the laundry services done at a reduced cost, the hotels can offer a better service to their guests. This in turn leaves a good impression about them on the guests’ minds and they will praise the comfort and experience of their stay at the hotel. On the whole, an efficient laundry service provider can turn the stay into a positive review for the hotelier and benefit them. All this is done without charging them heftily as the laundry monorail systems make sure that the cleaning and washing of linen are done effectively at reduced expenses.