What is a Laundry Monorail System? How is it Beneficial?

LaundryMonorail systems are used in the laundry industry for washing and cleaning purposes. Such systems are suitable for various types and sizes of laundries. Both new systems and renovated laundry monorails can handle numerous types of laundries. Basically, it is a complete overhead system designed to move the linen faster and much easier across all cycles of the process. These monorail conveyor systems are installed at an elevation and economically engineered.

The laundry monorail systems in Canada are designed using rail, suspension parts, curves, trolleys, switches, slant lifts and lift sections. There are accessories such as laundry carts, belt conveyors, under guarding/safety netting, floor supported structures and break up and folding tables. Monorails can be designed for both straight and curved lines and offer a lot of benefits.

Benefits of monorail systems are many and some of them are listed below,

  • Utilizes space efficiently
  • Maximizes storage capacity
  • Reduces damage to the product
  • Minimizes worker injury
  • Increases system life
  • Inexpensive system
  • Faster material handling
  • Smooth operation
  • Suits all requirements
  • Customizable based on available space

Let’s take a look at the benefits of these monorail systems in an elaborate way from below for a better understanding of the laundry monorail systems.

Monorail Conveyor Systems in Canada can be Installed even in Small Areas

The monorail conveyor systems can be installed in any space as there is no space requirement. These systems can handle any type and size of laundry efficiently. The monorails are designed to travel along specific routes including doorways and between the floors of a building as well. In some cases, these systems can be fit across open areas as well.

These systems are an alternative option to manual re handling of the laundry, which reduces the potential damage or loss of the products. As these systems are designed to be overhead, these free up the floor space, which is vital. The products can be moved overhead via this facility assuring an organized product flow.

Monorail conveyor systems in Canada provide dedicated storage space in specified areas, be it small or big. The system eliminates the unnecessary waste of space and also stores the products efficiently within the same work area. And, you can customize these monorail systems based on the space that is available even if it is not too spacious.

There are suspension models in monorail systems offering maximum security without requiring a lot of space. These systems can be suspended from the overhead structure sans any interfering columns for support. Also, the load can be moved swiftly and safely throughout the system and also work smoothly.

Efficient Monorail Conveyor Systems in Canada Offer Saves Labor

Laundry conveyorA complete overhead laundry monorail system is designed at an elevation within the work area in order to move the linen faster and easier. These systems reduce that are completely automated require less labor requirements, which lessens the work fatigue of the laborers. There is not much manual labor as the simple gravity flow will minimize the power requirements and involved costs.

The minimum personnel effort that requires to move the monorails and the lesser storage requirements of these systems helps in saving the involved cost. The laundry monorail systems need very little maintenance assuring a longer system life without much damage even after years. On the whole, there is reduced the cost per load offering the best results making it better for the users to get the best service without spending a lot of money.

Product Damage is kept at Bay by Best Monorail Conveyor Systems in Canada

The best monorail conveyor systems in Canada need very little rehandling of the product all throughout the process. Eventually, there is very minimal damage to the product during the various cycles of laundry. The monorail systems can be operated to raise and lower the products automatically, thereby eliminating injuries of the involved personnel in the manual operation.

Also, as the floor handling of the products is avoided and these monorails are enclosed, there is not much possibility for the products to get dirty and contaminated. And, longer switch life is assured as these systems use switches for providing smooth travel and longer life. So, if you choose the best laundry monorail systems, then you can ensure that your products are safe as well as efficient.