Services Offered by Integrated Material Handling Systems , Canada

Material HandlingMaterial handling is a complex process in a large environment like factories or industries. To make it simple and damage free, integrated material handling system is installed. It can be either automated, semi-automated or manual. Integrated material handling systems works along with system integrators and consultants offering engineering services to develop and implement a comprehensive handling process. If you have a material handling requirement, leading conveyor manufacturers in Canada can help you.

Along with engineering, the manufacturers take care of documentation, installation, purchase of software and hardware for the equipment, commissioning, testing, and support. If the system is well designed, it can help the company in various ways. It can shorten delivery time, improve customer service, reduce inventory, and reduce overall handling expenses involved in transportation, distribution, and manufacturing.

Typical integrated material handling systems include storage, racks, controls, item order fulfillment, software, data capture, and automatic identification, sortation, conveyors and automatic storage and retrieval.

What are the Industries where Integrated Material Handling Systems Employed?

You can find integrated material handling systems in most of the industries. It is widely seen in industries like warehousing and distribution, retail, plastics, pharmaceutical, paper, hardware, hospital, materials processing, government, e-commerce, chemicals, beverage, automotive, appliance, aerospace and more.

What are the Services offered by the Conveyor Manufacturers in Canada?

When it comes to material handling systems, the manufacturers provide electrical and mechanical contracting service with their wide experience in existing system modifications, latest turnkey installations, preventative maintenance programs and system maintenance in a wide range of industries.
Services include:

  • Fabrication capabilities
  • Shutdown support and repair
  • Material handling equipment and conveyor machinery installation and modifications
  • Talented and experienced technicians execute preventative maintenance programs
  • Installation, maintenance, and design of automated and manual industrial conveyor belt systems
  • Electrical or mechanical engineering services
  • Round the clock on electrical or mechanical services

Several manufacturers are experienced in traditional conveyor belt systems. They offer service with a commitment and dedication to ensure performance, safety, and quality and to solve the entire material handling needs.
The manufacturers target three key areas to offer a complete material handling services.

  • Installation: They would perform the installation without disturbing your present business operation.
  • Fabrication: It involves custom manufacturing of the conveyor.
  • Service: They provide a complete list of conveyor maintenance facilities.

Role of Project Managers in Integrated Material Handling Systems in Canada

Material HandlingThe project management team plays an important role in designing and installing the material handling systems. They have wide design-build integration experience and provide a seamless interface between manipulators, floor conveyor belt systems, overhead conveyor belt systems, hydraulic lifts, and sorters.

Each project is taken care of by the experienced project manager. He/she would remain in charge of the project from the concept design to installation. The customer’s biggest asset and support person is the project manager. He/she serves as a sole contact to clarify all issues and problems that are faced during the project.

The project managers handle various aspects of the projects like contracts and quotes, scope definition, schedule development, engineering, manufacturing, sub-contractor and procurement management, transportation, project status reports, installation, quality control, start-up planning, and customer service after project completion.

The project managers are dedicated consultants and planners who function with customers to develop the best useful material handling system. Once the project is initiated, they remain completely focused on providing the customer with the best service.

What are the Benefits of Material Handling Systems?

Material handling systemIt offers numerous benefits. They are:
Timely handling: Handling processes remain better timed and streamlined, as the system attaches and edges with all the tools in a facility.
Product control: It is possible to detect the location of the items even though it travels all throughout the facility. It can be better managed and monitored with the integrated system.
Accurate information: As the system continuously observes processes and items in real time, it helps in improving process performance behavior and inventory management.

What are the Uses of Integrated Material Handling Systems?

Order picking: It sequences order release to minimalize speed throughout and travel times
Conveyance: It sends the items on an AGV or down a conveyor to its suitable destination.
Integrated material handling system link software and equipment to support processing, receiving, shipping, picking, and storage activities throughout the facility.