Use Of Food Conveyor Belts In Food Handling Conveyors

Food grade conveyorConveyor systems are equipment that is used in various industries and applications for the transfer of the material inside the industry. Food processing industry makes use of different type of conveyor system for the effective processing of food products. Food conveyor belts are used for handling multiple food items that are used in food processing. There are various types of conveyor belts used in the food processing industry. You have to choose the right kind of food conveyor belt system based on the nature of the food product.
The article below lists some of the common types of food conveyor belts.

Types Of Conveyor Belts In Food Industry Conveyor Systems In Canada

Today the food industry is one of the booming industries, and it is revolutionized with the use of right conveyor belts. Baking industry makes use of various types of conveyor belts. The conveyor belts help to move the baking products from raw to the cooked stage. This helps in decreasing the production time and increases the productivity of the cooking industry.
Plastic Hybrid Belts: This type of conveyor belts is mainly used for the transportation of seafood like fish and other frozen food products. It is made up of the combination of plastic and stainless steel.
Rolmat Belts: This type of conveyor belts are used for transporting food products that require air flow. Proper airflow ensures that the food transferred remains fresh for a long time.
Spiral Wire Belts: This type of conveyor belts is used for food processing.
Chain Belt: This type of conveyor belt is used for transporting heavy food products.
Steel Belt: You can use this type of conveyor belts for carrying loads that are nearly 20 to 50 tons of weight.

Use of Food Handling Conveyors For Various Applications

Conveyor belts are used in various applications of the food industry.
Meat And Poultry Industry: The conveyor belt is used for cutting, deboning, portioning, packaging and labeling of the meat products. This type of conveyor belts can maintain the optimum hygiene required for processing the meat products.
Fish And Sea Food Industry: Conveyor belts are used for transferring and processing fresh or frozen fish. It is possible to perform extensive cleaning of the belts used in conveying seafood. The conveyor belts can be exposed to intensive washing so that the hygiene of the food processed is ensured.
Dairy Products Industry: The conveyor belts used for processing milk products should be maintained under perfect hygienic conditions. The mono material type of conveyor is smooth and thus avoids the growth of bacterial growth.
Fruits And Vegetable Industry: Conveyor belts are used for delicate handling of the food products like fruits and vegetables. The conveyor belts are used for sorting washing, packaging of the food like fruits and vegetables.
Canning Industry: Thermoweldable belts are used for the packaging of the food products in cans. Conveyor belts play a vital role in the canning industry.
Bakery And Pastry Making Industry: The characteristics of conveyor belts are suitable for cake making and pastry making. This type of conveyor belts used in baking industry and it is oil and fat resistant.

Benefits Of Conveyor Belts

Food grade conveyor systemsConveyor Belts is a modern type of transporting equipment for transporting various products like food, garments and other materials. It helps with the secure transport of different materials from one place to other so that you can perform processing and packaging. The conveyor belts play a vital role in the food industry and thus it maximizes the labor cost. The conveyor belts save a lot of time in the processing of the various food products.

You can find conveyor belts at airports, industries and other places where there is a need to process handle various materials. They are mainly used for withstanding bulk loads and moving them to different places.

There may be a necessity to move the food products or other items for processing in various directions or strange angles. This can be done quickly by using a conveyor belt that can manage the above demand. Moving the food products manually is not that easy as it requires a large number of labors and it consumes more time than other types of automated systems. Conveyor belts are efficient and cost-effective and manage the food products efficiently.

The use of conveyor belts helps in various industries, and it plays a critical role in the food processing industry.