V-Dip Conveyor

The V-Dip Conveyor occupies the floor space of just one garment but uses all the available overhead space. Where conventional floor mounted conveyors require a minimum space of 4’- 4”, the V-Dip conveyor, requires just 2’-0’’ space thereby effectively helping to manage the floor space. It helps to make the best use of the cubic capacity of the entire store. This type is best recommended for stores with narrow or very limited floor space.

Vertical Conveyor

The overhead spaces that are usually left unused are efficiently put to use in a vertical conveyor. The garments can be either placed on overhead trays or hung from bars vertically above the floor spaces. This type of garment handling system is touted as one of the best in the industry. The vertical carousels are built high up to match with the overhead space that is available in the garment unit. Multiple units can be easily placed in special pods. The operator can retrieve the goods from any one of the units while the other units continue moving.