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See the Difference an Overhead Conveyor System will Make


For businesses that are thinking about buying an overhead conveyor system for the first time, Alpha Conveyors is the best choice.

It begins with a visit to the site by one of our structural engineers who will then help you choose the type of garment handling conveyor system you can install as well as its capacity.

Your space will be checked for structural integrity and measurements. Our installation team will then fit the system of choice at a convenient time.

If the space lacks the infrastructure to safely harness an overhead conveyor system, our structural experts will find a way to create a load bearing barrier to carry the weight of the system.

There is no task too small or problem too big for our engineers to take. Alpha Conveyors works with our clients to decide on the best type of conveyor to suit the space.

We have a wide range of overhead clothing conveyor system in our depository that can be used to in combination with existing dry cleaner conveyor parts or as standalone units to take care of all your in-house transportation and storage needs.

The whole installation process takes very little time especially if you are selecting from our pre-cut and semi-assembled range of laundry garment conveyor systems. We provide regular on-site maintenance for the initial period of the installation and any questions will happily be answered by our round-the-clock support technicians. You can schedule for future maintenance services at any time by giving us a call.


Alpha Conveyors is known for being flexible to the demands of our customers. Expanding your business does not have to mean tearing out your old conveyor system for a larger one. If you already have a working conveyor system but want to add to it, we can make it happen while still keeping garment conveyor price relatively affordable. Simple book an appointment and we’ll send one of your technicians over to take a look at the system. While some systems are designed to be standalone units, many stainless steel and uniform storage conveyor systems are designed keeping expansion in mind. Our technician will assist you in finding the types of overhead conveyor that can be merged with the existing one. Once you have determined the type of conveyor that that suit your specific requirements, we will be more than happy to install it for you at a convenient time.

Modified conveyor systems are great for ever-growing manufacturing lines. They can work as intra logistics systems across a wide range of warehousing spaces while still being out of the way. By using vertical space for automated systems like auto uniform conveyor and garment conveyor systems, you will reap the benefit of having more floor space and therefore more workspace for customers and workers alike. Pre-existing overhead conveyor systems can be modified to include conveyor branch-off systems for storage, production and distribution as well as more specialized operations such as cold storage, electroplating and assembly line production.


Alpha Conveyors understands that each business comes with unique needs and quirks. If you can’t find the perfect overhead conveyor system off the shelf, then we will build it for you. With an expert R&D team dedicated to finding the requirements of the customer and building the perfect manufacture conveyor system to suit your business needs, Alpha Conveyors will have your bespoke conveyor system up and running in no time. This not only helps your workflow seamlessly, but will also enhance the way you use the conveyor system and reduce costs spent on installing complex yet more cumbersome equipment. Many high-end textile shops often install overhead storage and display conveyor systems as a way of keeping floor space clear while still allowing customers a clear view of the products.

With industrial requirements being extremely radical across different fields, the need for specialized or custom overhead conveyors is an understandable one. Alpha Conveyors have focused their energy on creating the most versatile range of overhead conveyor systems on today’s market. These conveyors are not only perfect for industrial standards, but they are specifically designed to meet a wide range of applications. Our diverse customer base has become our hallmark achievement, with clients ranging from local dry cleaners who require laundry conveyor systems to automotive assembly lines, to cloths conveyor in hotels that is required to keep uniforms and dry cleaning in rotation and food preparation systems. In fact, installing overhead conveyor systems for textile shops and warehouses has not only increased their efficiency, but it has also made it easier for floor staff to pick out requested items quicker visually.

Whatever your needs, our conveyors will fit seamlessly into your existing workflow and add further efficiency to your operations.